Global Citizenship Forums

Planning is underway for a series of student-led Global Citizenship Forums which will support the wider Global Citizenship Programme by providing a regular structured space for interaction and exchange between students and faculty working on global citizenship initiatives around the network.  The programme for the Forums will be initiated and led by students, in collaboration with faculty and administrative staff, allowing for joint working and the blending of perspectives.  The Forums will allow participants to showcase research projects and examples of good practice at their respective institutions, to propose, develop and evaluate new joint activities, and to explore wider global citizenship themes through interactive exercises and workshops.

The first Forum will be held at University of Otago (New Zealand), 30th July – 2nd August 2018. It will involve participants from all seven Matariki partners. The Forum will focus on the theme of Community Engagement; which includes both the academic  community as well as communities surrounding the universities.

The content of the Forum will be driven by pre-Forum discussions involving participating students and staff, to ensure that the programme meets their specific needs. It will be structured to include the following:

  1. A balance of research presentations, workshops and project work;
  2. Academic discussion and development of practical action;
  3. Opportunities for students who do not travel to the Forum to connect virtually with the event;
  4. Opportunities for the wider community to participate in order to bring in an element of place-based knowledge and action.

Each university has pledged to fund up to 3 student participants, (Undergraduate or Postgraduate). If you are interested in applying, please contact the Matariki Head of Secretariat who will signpost you to the correct contact person in your institution: