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Meet the 2019 Dartmouth Delegates!

15th July 2019

Meet the students and staff from Dartmouth College who participated in the 2019 Global Citizenship Forum held at Durham University.

I’m the Assistant Director at the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact.  In this role, I oversee a portfolio of programs focused on helping students develop the skills they need to become transformational leaders for the common good both while they are on campus, and after they leave Dartmouth and establish their own legacy in the world. I’m excited to attend the Matariki Forum to learn from peer institutions how they instill and cultivate ethical leadership in their students and on their campuses. I hope to bring back to Dartmouth new big ideas inspired by our Matariki peers and small efficient hacks to improve our work an a day-to-day level.

My name is Joey Chong, and I am a first-year undergraduate at Dartmouth College. I am currently studying Comparative Literature and Romance Languages with an Education minor. On campus, I serve as a tour guide, write as a news reporter for The Dartmouth, and participate in various programs with the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact. Situated in a rural area, the “Dartmouth Bubble” seems impenetrable. However, I hope that the forum can help Dartmouth to engage beyond the bounds of Hanover and collaborate with the fellow Matariki institutions to make an impact around the world.

I’m Laura, a first-year student at Dartmouth College where I study Geography and African and African-American Studies. Outside of classes, I’m active in different offices across campus that promote diversity and social impact work. I am also an international student, hailing from the northeastern side of Jamaica–which has made for an interesting transition to small-town America! Attending this conference represents another wonderful opportunity that Dartmouth has given me to actively engage with issues outside the typical college bubble. I’m excited to share what I’ve learnt during my first year at Dartmouth about the power of experiential learning. Hopefully, this conference will generate ideas on how we can translate our enthusiasm into concrete action steps, so that all the Matariki institutions can move forward together.

I’m Brandon, a rising second year at Dartmouth College, where I study Government, Linguistics, and Sustainability. I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and am interested in community engagement projects, education, and youth empowerment.

I believe the forum will provide me with an opportunity to connect with students and faculty from around the world, and learn more about shared perspectives and experiences. I hope this conference will act as a platform for sharing ideas and insights as current and future leaders, and aims to further connect Dartmouth globally and form new relationships with other institutions to better our collective education.

My name is Sydney Kamen and I am a fourth-year student at Dartmouth College studying human geography and global health. I am passionate about the intersection between health and security in resource-limited contexts, specifically, in Sub-Saharan Africa.  I’m eager to connect and collaborate with peers, faculty, and institutions from around the world to capitalize on this unique opportunity to empower each other and work together to create spaces to empower others who share in our mutual desire to see a future led by thoughtful young leaders who are dedicated to closing gaps and bringing the world together in the name of shared humanity.