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Shared Facilities

MNU members will, where possible, make major specialised equipment, collections, facilities and field stations accessible to other partners.  The table below provides a selection of facilities that are currently open for partners to access and further detail can be found in the following downloadable PDF document: Matariki Research Facilities and Field Stations.  For further information on individual facilities, please contact the MNU Co-ordinator at the relevant member institution in the first instance.

LocationInstitutionFacilityDescriptionDisciplineMNU Research themeEnquiries
Australia: West Pingelly, Western AustraliaUWAUWA Future Farm 20501500 hectare farm developing a profitable mixed-enterprise operationAgriculture, Restoration Ecology Jerline Chen / Michelle Emmett
Brazil: Pró-Mata, Rio Grande do SulTübingenTübingen Research Station in the Brazilian Araucaria Forest

Field station in araucaria forest

  Karin Moser v. Filseck
Canada: Lake Opinicon, OntarioQueen’sQueen’s University Biological StationField station for research and study in ecology, evolution, conservation and environmental biologyBiology, Environmental Science, Geology, Geography Laura Esford
Canada: Kingston, OntarioQueen’sInnovation ParkTechnology development hubSciences, EngineeringEnergy, Resources & EnvironmentLaura Esford
Canada: Sudbury, OntarioQueen’sSudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNOLab)Underground laboratory for astroparticle physics (primarily neutrinos and dark matter)Physics, Astronomy Laura Esford
Canada: Department of Chemistry, Queen’s UniversityQueen’sMass Spectrometry and Proteomics UnitMass spectrometry services and expertise for the analysis of small and macromolecules, proteins and enzymeChemistry Laura Esford
Canada: Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queen’s UniversityQueen’sQueen’s Facility for Isotope ResearchIsotopic analysis of elements extracted from carbonates, silicates, sulfates, sulfides, phosphates, waters and organic matterGeological Sciences, Geological Engineering Laura Esford
Canada: Queen’s UniversityQueen’sCoin Collection of the Department of Classics and Department of Art History & Art ConservationOver 600 coins from the Diniacopoulos Collection of AntiquitiesArchaeology, Art Conservation, Art History, Economic History, Social HistoryDigital HumanitiesLaura Esford
Gabon: LambarénéTübingenCentre de Recherches Médicales de LambarénéClinical, epidemiological and basic research facilities associated with the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, GabonMedicine, Biology, Infectiology, Vaccinology, Human Parasitology, Tropical Medicine, Basic Research, Clinical Research, Microbiology, Parasitology Karin Moser v. Filseck
Germany: University of TübingenTübingenCenter for Light-Matter-Interaction, Sensors and Analytics (Core Facility LISA+)Nanostructure Laboratory for thin film deposition, micro- and nano-patterning, thin film / surface analysis and laser microscopy / spectroscopyPhysics, Chemistry, Nanosciences, Material Science and related disciplinesQuantum ScienceKarin Moser v. Filseck
Germany: University of TübingenTübingenQuantitative Biology Center (QBiC)Interdisciplinary facility supporting modern high-throughput, data-driven research in the life sciences, from the experimental design, to the omics data generation to data analysis and archivingGenomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Bioinformatics Karin Moser v. Filseck
Germany: University of TübingenTübingeneScience-CenterCenter providing the infrastructure necessary to promote efficient and sustainable use of digital research methods in the HumanitiesHumanitiesDigital HumanitiesKarin Moser v. Filseck
Germany: University of TübingenTübingenCoin Collection of the Institute of Classical ArchaeologyCollection of over 20,000 objects from the ancient world to modern times, including coins, medals, banknotes, casts and electrotypesArchaeology, Art History, Economic History, History, AnthropologyDigital HumanitiesKarin Moser v. Filseck
New Zealand: DunedinOtagoRV Polaris 2Vessel for teaching, research and commercial activitiesMarine Science, Geology, Oceanography, Antarctic Studies, Climate ChangeEnergy, Resources and EnvironmentChriss Hamilton
New Zealand: DunedinOtagoBeryl BrewinShort range boatMarine Science, Geology, Oceanography, Climate Change, Environmental studies Chriss Hamilton
New Zealand: Oban, Stewart IslandOtagoStewart Island Field StationAccommodation and laboratory spaceGeography, Ecology, Marine Studies, Botany, Environmental Biology, Conservation Chriss Hamilton
New Zealand: Portobello Peninsula, OtagoOtagoPortobello Marine LaboratoryFish hatchery, research laboratory and aquariumAquaculture, Zoology, Ecology, Conservation, Environmental biology Chriss Hamilton
Samoa: National University of Samoa, Apia OtagoUniversity of Otago HouseAccommodation for academics conducting research in SamoaPacific Studies Chriss Hamilton
South Africa: South African Astronomical Observatory, Northern Cape ProvinceDartmouthSouthern African Large TelescopeLargest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphereAstronomy Jen Shepherd
Sweden: GullmarsfjordenUppsalaKlubban Biological StationMarine biology field station with boatsMarine Biology Ellen Sjöholm
Sweden: Lake ErkenUppsalaErken LaboratoryAquatic ecology laboratoryEvolutionary Biology Ellen Sjöholm
Sweden: Ar, Island of GotlandUppsalaAr Research StationMarine biology field stationMarine Biology Ellen Sjöholm
Sweden: Uppsala UniversityUppsalaUppsala University Coin CabinetCollection of more than 40,000 numismatic objects, i.e. coins, medals, tokens and banknotes, from across the world, from the inception of coinage to the presentArchaeology, Art History, Economic History, HistoryDigital HumanitiesEllen Sjöholm
UK: Durham University X-Ray CentreDurhamX-Ray Crystallography in Extreme Environments FacilityTwo unique single crystal X-ray diffractometersChemistry Joe Mulhern
UK: Department of Earth Sciences, Durham UniversityDurhamArtificial VolcanoEquipment for investigating the processes of volcanic eruptionEarth Sciences Joe Mulhern
UK: Department of Chemistry, Durham UniversityDurhamIon Beam Facility in Materials ChemistryMeV ion beam analysis facilityChemistry Joe Mulhern
UK: Durham University Geochemistry CentreDurhamNorthern Centre for Isotopic and Elemental TracingFacility for elemental analysis, radiogenic / stable isotope analysis, and geochronology / isotopic datingEarth Sciences Joe Mulhern
UK: Department of Archaeology, Durham UniversityDurhamArchaeological ServicesFacility for ancient DNA analysis, geophysics, conservation, and environmental archaeologyArchaeology Joe Mulhern
UK: Faculty of Science, Durham UniversityDurhamGJ Russell Microscopy FacilitySuite of scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, and focused ion-beam microscopesPhysics Joe Mulhern
UK: Durham University X-Ray CentreDurhamX-Ray Computed Tomography Facility (XRCT)Facility for investigating the internal microstructures of materials, down to the sub-micron levelPhysics Joe Mulhern
UK: Biophysical Sciences Institute, Durham UniversityDurhamSingle Plane Illumination Microscope (SPIM) and Zebrafish FacilitySingle Plane Illumination Microscope for recording high-resolution 3D images of biological systemsBiophysical Sciences Joe Mulhern
UK: Durham World Heritage Site, Durham UniversityDurhamUniversity Library Archives and Special CollectionsArchives, early printed books and manuscripts HumanitiesArts and Humanities Research for the World, Digital HumanitiesJoe Mulhern
UK: Durham University LibraryDurhamDurham Palatinate Mint Coin CollectionCollection of 16th century coins from the Durham mintArchaeology, English, Digital HumanitiesDigital HumanitiesJoe Mulhern
UK: Department of Geography, Durham UniversityDurhamRemote and In-Situ Monitoring of SlopesEquipment for scanning soil and rock slopes and for monitoring and analysing environmental processes acting upon rockfacesGeography Joe Mulhern
UK: Department of Earth Sciences, Durham UniversityDurhamDurham Terrestrial Laser Scanning Facility (DuTLS)Centre for Earth Sciences applications of terrestrial laser scanningEarth Sciences Joe Mulhern
UK: James Cook University Hospital, MiddlesbroughDurhamMRI Scanning Facility3-Tesla Siemens Magnetom Trio Whole Body MRI SystemPsychologyBrain and MindJoe Mulhern
UK: Wolfson Research Institute, Durham UniversityDurhamBrain Stimulation LaboratoriesEquipment for the application of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) and for neuro-navigationPsychologyBrain and MindJoe Mulhern
UK: Department of Psychology and Wolfson Research Institute, Durham UniversityDurhamPsychophysical Experiment LaboratoriesEquipment for psychophysical experimentsPsychologyBrain and MindJoe Mulhern
UK: Department of Psychology, Durham UniversityDurhamMotion-capture LaboratoryVICON body motion-capture and Optitrack facial motion-capture systemsPsychologyBrain and MindJoe Mulhern
USA: Erroll, New HampshireDartmouthSecond College Grant27,000 acres of woodland Energy, Resources and EnvironmentJen Shepherd
 USADartmouthDartmouth Organic FarmEducational and working gardenAgricultureEnergy, Resources and EnvironmentJen Shepherd