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Matariki Undergraduate Research Network

Matariki Undergraduate Research Network

The Matariki Undergraduate Research Network (MURN) is an innovative extra-curricular programme established at the University of Western Australia in 2012 and run with participation from MNU partners in 2012 and 2013.  Durham University, Queen’s University and the University of Otago have all previously participated in the scheme.

This scheme provides students with an authentic research experience whose outcomes include the development of transferable research skills; improved communication skills (both written and oral); enhanced levels of confidence; a stronger sense of belonging to their institution; and an international perspective.  The rationale driving MURN is the unique opportunity to connect students engaging in undergraduate research programmes in a global classroom.  The scheme consists of a series of preparatory workshops followed by a research project in the area of teaching and learning.  All students conduct research in a teaching and learning topic of strategic importance to the participating universities, and are required to write an academic paper and present their research in an appropriate forum (academic conference or faculty meeting).

You can read more about the MURN experience in news stories on the Queen’sOtago and UWA websites.

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