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Galaxies’ Glory Days Are Past but They Sparkle Still

15 February 2012

As a Yale undergraduate, Ryan Hickox studied particle physics and played rugby – two exploits that set him on the path that led to Dartmouth via Durham and to his discoveries about starburst galaxies in the early universe.  During his PhD studies at Harvard and postdoctoral studies at Durham, Hickox focused on black holes, among the most mysterious objects in the universe, and the highly luminous quasars that are powered by them.  Hickox and his Durham colleagues developed a set of powerful analytic techniques to measure the distances between quasars, in order to gauge the distribution of galaxies in the universe today.  Hickox has maintained his links with Durham since moving to Dartmouth, as evidenced by the series of Extragalactic Workshops, organised jointly by Dartmouth and Durham.

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