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University of Western Australia

MNU Co-ordinator:  Michelle Emmett ([email protected])

UWA campus

Established in 1911 as the State’s first university, The University of Western Australia (UWA) was also the first free university in the British Empire, actively promoting equal access to tertiary education for all social classes. Today UWA is ranked in the world’s top 100 universities and number one in Western Australia. UWA has an international reputation for remarkable and life-changing contributions across research, learning and teaching. In 2020, UWA educated more than 25,000 students from across 100 countries. As one of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities UWA operates more than 40 intensive research centres and 22 schools, in addition to having a broad range of successful industry partnerships. 

In addition to being a foundation member of the MNU, the University’s memberships include the internationally recognised Australian Group of Eight universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. UWA has a strong connection to industry and government, supports communities both locally and internationally, and is driven to make the most of its collective potential and contribute to the world’s advancement.