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Now Open! Applications for the Matariki Network Research Seed Fund

Apply for funding from Matariki (MNU) Research Seed Fund 2024/2025  

The Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) is launching a call for research seed funding to develop a stronger relationship in globally relevant fields of research between its partners. Through a competitive process, MNU will jointly advertise, select and fund collaborative bi-, tri and multilateral research projects between MNU institutions. Successful research projects are expected to ultimately result in outcomes such as third-party funding applications, larger-scale collaborations, significant joint publications etc.  

Proposals covering any thematic area will be considered, but applications in areas related to the United Nations’ SDGs are particularly welcome. Projects must also demonstrate alignment to MNU’s five guiding principles and values. 

Please note that the MNU Research Seed Fund particularly welcomes applications from Early Career Researchers (ECRs) (up to 6 years from PhD), though does not exclude submissions from other groups. 

Summary of features: 

  • Proposals will be invited for a maximum of £25,000, for activity duration of 12-24 months; 
  • Projects must start no later than 1 April 2024; 
  • Proposals must include researchers from at least two (2) MNU institutions. Proposals including more than two partners are strongly encouraged; 
  • Applicants must be eligible to serve in the role of PI at their own institution;  
  • Applicants must have proven expertise in the project proposal being submitted; 
  • Non-Matariki external collaborators may be involved in the proposal, at their own expense. 

Application timeline: 

The call opens on Monday 25th September and completed applications should be submitted through the link below by Monday 8th December. 


For Institution specific questions, please contact your local Matariki Coordinator and your respective research office in the first instance.  

All general queries related to this call should be directed to: 

Matariki Secretariat 
Megan Olshefski – [email protected]  

Uppsala University  – Unit for Strategic Research Support 
Ellen Sjöholm- [email protected] 

Guidelines on the application can be found at the following link: 

The application can be accessed via: