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Library Benchmarking Project

Library staff from across MNU member institutions are collaborating to carry out comparisons of selected services and activities representative of library service provision, to identify best practices and to learn from each other.  The benchmarking project aims to provide a shared response to the question: if we [the university library] enable and support the academic endeavor, how do we measure our effectiveness?  The project considers benchmarking activities in three identifiable areas of support: support for research, support for learning and teaching, and the role of the library as a place within the student experience.

An overview of the Library Benchmarking Project is available in the following publications:

Amos, H. and Hart, S. (2013). International collaboration for quality: A case study of fostering collaboration across an international network of University Libraries through an activity based benchmarking project, Proceedings of the 34th Annual IATUL conference. Downloadable from:

Hart, S. and Amos, H. (2014) The development of performance measures through an activity based benchmarking project across an international network of academic libraries, Performance Measurement and Metrics, Vol. 15 No.1/2 pp. 58-66. DOI: 10.1108/PMM-03-2014-0010.

Regular updates are provided in Te Whakatere, the newsletter of the Library Benchmarking Project:

Issue 1, September 2011:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2011_Sep_Issue1
Issue 2, December 2011:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2011_Dec_Issue2
Issue 3, September 2012:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2012_Sep_Issue3
Issue 4, December 2012:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2012_Dec_Issue4
Issue 5, September 2013:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2013_Sep_Issue5
Issue 6, December 2013:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2013_Dec_Issue6
Issue 7, September 2014:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2014_Sep_Issue7
Issue 8, December 2014:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2014_Dec_Issue8
Issue 9, September 2015:  Library benchmarking newsletter_2015_Sep_Issue9
Issue 10, December 2015: Library benchmarking newsletter_2015_Dec_Issue10
Issue 11, August 2016: Library benchmarking newsletter_2016_Aug_Issue11
Issue 12, December 2016: Library benchmarking newsletter_2016_Dec_Issue12

Issue 13, September 2017: Library benchmarking newsletter_2017_Sep_Issue13
Issue 14, December 2017: Library benchmarking newsletter_2017_Dec_Issue 14

        Issue 15, August 2018: 2018_Aug_Issue 15