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Extragalactic Workshops

Extragalactic Workshops

Colleagues at Dartmouth and Durham are developing a fruitful collaboration in astronomy/astrophysics and have successfully organised three joint workshops in this field.  While the workshops have been promoted as MNU events, they are open to participants from any institution, and have attracted a wide-ranging international audience.

2018 workshop 

The Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy at Durham hosted a very successful, comprehensive, and productive international workshop titled “Are AGN special?” over 30th July-3rd August 2018. The workshop focused on whether there are preferential environments in the Universe during which black holes feed. There was lively debate and discussion on this topic throughout the workshop lead by a selection of regular talks (50), poster talks (55), and focused discussion sessions (3); overall 114 participants attended the workshop. This workshop was the 5th in a series of Durham-Dartmouth workshops that have been hosted since 2010 by Prof Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth) and Prof David Alexander (Durham). Full details available here.

AGN 2018 conference photo