The promotion of research and innovation drives all Matariki Network member institutions.  The MNU seeks to enhance the quality of research by connecting our researchers working in cognate areas.  The seven MNU Research Themes provide a primary focus for research interactions between partners, but are not exclusive.  We regularly assess the progress of each theme, as well as seeking to identify new areas of collaboration.  MNU members support the development of interdisciplinary, innovative research that demonstrates significant economic and societal global impact in areas in which together we can contribute more than we can individually.

MNU Research Themes are intended to facilitate enhanced collaboration, joint research grant applications/publications, research student exchanges, co-teaching initiatives and the sharing of industrial contacts that would not otherwise have developed outside the network. Click on the tiles below for more detailed information about each theme.

Brain and Mind (Integrative Neuroscience)

Cyber Security

Oceans and the Blue Economy

Peace and Conflict

Quantum Science

Global Health

Sustainability, Environment and Resources

Other Research Collaborations