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Matariki lectures

The Matariki Lecture Series showcases themes that advance the teaching and research enterprise of all partner institutions of the Matariki Network. To date, the Matariki Lecture has been an annual event, hosted by member institutions on a rotating basis. The speaker is always a faculty or staff member of a Matariki partner institution, normally other than the host institution. The topic, while not limited to the MNU research themes, typically advances one of these seven themes.

Recordings of previous lectures can be viewed on our Matariki YouTube channel:

The Matariki Executive recently voted to build on this concept by developing a more regular series of lectures; with several presentations being delivered over a shorter period of time attached to the same broad theme. Where possible, each series will be made up of at least three individual lectures given by Faculty members from a minimum of two different partner institutions. Due to travel restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, lectures will currently have to be in virtual format, but it is hoped that an in-person format will eventually return. The first (virtual) series on Human Evolution took place on Tuesday 16th March 2021:

The next series will focus on “Race, Racism and Decolonisation”. Diverse presenters have been confirmed from all seven member institutions and lectures will be split into the following three sub-themes (one event per theme):

  • Practical impacts of racism on everyday living;
  • Health- and social determinants of racism;
  • Decolonisation.

The series is provisionally scheduled for October 2021; final event dates will be confirmed here very soon!

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