Arts & Humanities Research for the World

MNU colleagues enjoying the Matariki Humanities Colloquium in Tubingen, October 2017

The Matariki Humanities Network, also referred to as Arts and Humanities Research for the World, aims to build networking capacity – by connecting both directors of humanities divisions/centres and research librarians with a humanities focus – and to reaffirm the key role that the humanities play at the heart of MNU institutions.

At the inaugural meeting of the network a plan was developed to hold a series of colloquia (listed below) enabling scholars to share insights about the current state of their specific disciplines, to make connections with other specialists in their fields, to examine the resources and best practices at other MNU institutions, and to advance cutting-edge scholarship in the humanities.

  • 2014, Otago:  Medieval/Early Modern
  • 2015, Queen’s:  Study of Religions
  • 2016, Durham:  Literatures
  • 2017, Tübingen:  Languages
  • 2018, Uppsala:  Humanities