Teach@Tübingen Programme

The aim of the Teach@Tübingen programme is to give young international academics the opportunity to become familiar with research and teaching at a German university, and thereby to expand the number of courses given in foreign languages at the University of Tübingen.  For the teaching individuals it also offers chances to broaden research horizons and build professional ties.  T@T candidates are asked to teach classes in English for approximately two hours per week during the semester, in agreement with the Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs of the Tübingen Faculty where they are based.

Two rounds of applications are held each year; full details of the application process, deadlines and requirements can be found on the Tübingen website.

Details of previous recipients of T@T awards from MNU member universities can be found below.  Further information on a number of successful candidates from 2014 can be found in the news story on the MNU website.

2017 awards

Jamie Page, Durham, working in History
Dennis Schmidt, Durham, working in Political Science
Peter Forman, Durham, working in Political Science

2016 awards

Jessica I O van’t Westeinde, Durham, working in Protestant Theology
Lara Pearson, Durham, working in Musicology
Jonathan Wilson, Durham, working in Mathematics
Leon Escobar Diaz, Otago, working in Mathematics
Anna Blackman, Durham, working in Catholic Theology
Dr Benjamin J Pope, Durham, working in History
Peter Forman, Durham, working in Political Science
Siobhan Whadcoat, Durham, working in Geosciences
Shobhit Eusebius, Otago, working in Marketing
Yihui Liu, UWA, working in English Studies and Chinese Studies (on an International PostDoc Exchange award)

2015 awards

Elise Gayraud, Durham, working in Ethnology / Musicology
Niall Hodson, Durham, working in English Studies
Marc Jones, Durham, working in Political Science
Nicola Ophelia Lavey, Durham, working in Slavic Studies
Monika Balvociute, Otago, in Bioinformatics
Dr Eva Glisic, UWA, working in Modern History
Steve Charlton, Durham, working in Mathematics
Dr Joseph Young, Otago, working in English

2014 awards

Dr Daniel Becker, Durham, working in Research Ethics
Dr Marc Botha, Durham, working in English Studies
Michelle de Gruchy, Durham, working in Scientific Archaeology
Dr Joshua Furnal, Durham, working in Catholic Theology
Ashley Cook, Otago, working in English Studies
Dr André Muller, Otago, working in Protestant Theology
Konstantina Tzouvala, Durham, working in Law
Dr Adam Siade, UWA, working in Geosciences
Gerrit Haas, UWA, working in English Studies
Anna Danielson, Uppsala, working in Political Science

2013 awards

Dr Marta Diaz-Zorita Bonilla, Durham, working in Prehistory and Archaeology of the Middle Ages / Geosciences