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Quantum Science

Quantum Science

Lead member: University of Tübingen

Quantum science deals with various aspects of physics taking place on the level of single quanta up to large systems with emerging quantum phenomena.  It also deals with the development of quantum measurement and quantum information technologies.  Various research fields contribute to the breathtaking development in these areas, such as condensed matter physics, cold atom physics, photonics, material- and nanosciences.  Exchange between researchers of the subfields and interdisciplinary approaches are key to deepening insights and for the development of innovative quantum technologies.  There is common ground between MNU members in a number of areas in quantum sciences – including Quantum Gases, Rydberg Atoms, Quantum Measurement, Quantum Instruments, and Hybrid Quantum Systems – and discussions are underway to identify unique research strengths and future collaborative projects.

Participants at the second Quantum Science workshop, Otago, March 2016

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