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Fostering international collaboration

26 July 2016

Through his research, Karol Miller, a professor at the University of Western Australia and the director of the Intelligent Systems for Medicine Laboratory (ISML), is hoping to create methods and tools which will enable “a new era of personalized medicine”.  The ISML, which aims to improve “clinical outcomes through the appropriate use of technology”, specializes in computational biomechanics in the areas of surgical simulation and image-guided surgery.  This has led Dr Miller to collaborate with partners such as Gabor Fichtinger at Queen’s University, the director of the Laboratory for Percutaneous Surgery (Perk Lab), which is a world leader in the development of enabling technology for image-guided medical procedures.

During a recent visit to Queen’s by Dr Miller, both he and Dr Fichtinger spoke about the benefits of collaborating through the Matariki Network of Universities.

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