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Conference: “Human Rights, Peace & Sustainability in Education”

On March 15th 2018, Uppsala University hosted a one day conference on the theme of “Human Rights, Peace and Sustainability in education”. This successful event was well attended, with a wide audience that ranged from trainee teachers to senior academics, representing a number of different disciplines.  Scholars from different areas in the world, (Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Germany, UK, France), gave a series of thought-provoking and very complementary talks which explored the place of human rights, citizenship and history from different national-, disciplinary-, methodological- and theoretical perspectives. This international perspective led to stimulating questions and discussions around teaching and learning with a very engaged audience.

The conference gave researchers the opportunity to showcase a range of work and launch the wider global citizenship education project in which they are involved. We look forward to the next steps which will examine both national and cross-national data on global citizenship education.  How to best proceed with the cross-national research was discussed the day after the conference and plans have now been made for future data collection and analysis to understand what students take away from teaching and learning global citizenship education in schools across the globe.

The conference was generously supported by The Swedish Foundation for Humanities & Social Sciences and the Department of Education at Uppsala University.

Anamika, scholar from Delhi

Oakleigh Welply, Durham University

David Kronlid, Uppsala University