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Uppsala-Tübingen Exchange

In Autumn 2018, Matariki partners Uppsala and Tübingen started a teacher/research exchange programme, funded by Erasmus. During that first term, five historians from each partner spent a week visiting the other partner university. These first exchanges worked well, and the programme continues during the academic year 2019/20. This Autumn, three Tübingen fellows will visit Uppsala, and in Spring two Uppsala fellows will visit Tübingen. During their stay, each scholar performs (at least) a set of three tasks: a public lecture (alternatively a lecture for students at an academic course), a presentation of their own research at a research seminar, and meetings with colleagues at the partner university to discuss fields of common interest for future collaborations. The exchange has already had several promising spin-offs; in teaching and research training as well as in senior research.

Tübingen scholars from Autumn 2018: Ewald Frie, Daniel Menning, Johannes Grossman, Philip Hahn and Ellen Widder.

The Uppsala scholars from Autumn 2018: Lars M. Andersson, Carl Mikael Carlsson, Louise Berglund, Gudrun Andersson and Dag Lindström.

Tübingen scholars for Autumn 2019: Ewald Frie, Daniel Menning, and Johannes Grossmann (returning to develop collaboration).

Uppsala colleagues for spring 2020: Niklas Stenlås and Mikael Alm.