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Dartmouth Fulbright scholarship recipient plans research at Queen’s

6 June 2016

Josh Tupler is one of five Dartmouth students and recent graduates to be awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship this year.

Tupler chose Dartmouth because it offered “small class sizes and direct access to professors.  A course on international relations with Associate Professor Darryl Press sparked his interest in international security, and with Press as his adviser he is currently working on an honors thesis assessing potential conflicts between the US, China, and Taiwan in the South China Sea — a paper he hopes to be able to publish.  He has also served as a research assistant for Associate Professor of Government Jennifer Lind.  And a small seminar with Professor David Haglund, a visiting scholar from Queen’s University, on US-Canada bilateral security relationships opened the door to his presenting a paper at an academic conference in Belgium — and helped pave the way for him to conduct his Fulbright research next year at Queen’s.  Tupler will be applying asymmetric alliance theory — which is about how weaker states influence stronger allies — to post-Cold War-era conflicts.  “I’m super excited,” he says. “I want to understand how the world works, and the Fulbright is the best program to go out and have direct cultural communication and exchange.  It’s a tremendous honor and privilege.”

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