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Matariki 3MT winner receives prize

Moritz Koch receives his certificate from Prof. Dr. Thilo Stehle (left) and Prof. Dr. Peter Grathwohl (right).

After Dr. Moritz Koch, former student of the Tübingen Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine (IMIT), won first place at the 2021 Matariki 3MT competition back in October, the University of Tübingen was finally able to host a small in person award ceremony on January 17th.  

Prof. Dr. Peter Grathwohl (Vice-President for Research and Innovation) and Prof. Dr. Thilo Stehle (Dean of the Faculty of Science) were present to congratulate the winner and present him with his certificate.  

Moritz Koch was awarded the first place by the Matariki jury for his contribution on “Using metabolic engineering strategies to improve phototrophic cyanobacteria for the production of sustainable, biodegradable bioplastics”. Congratulations, Moritz! 

For the original (German language) article, please visit this link.